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orprate Identity and Logo Development:


1. Blackstarr and Frost

An excellant name for a comic book duo conceived by my friend Mark Seymour. This team slipped back and forth through time to fine-tune events. Blackstarr was hooded and never seen and Frost was an albino. They were given their marching orders by an enigmatic character known only as The Librarian.

2. The Weasel...

Based on a quip by a friend one late night, it was too good to let go

3. The Flu

A logo for a friends rock band, (now deceased...the band, not my friend) this is rendered in "Sneeze Bold"

4. Media Sluts

A friend who worked in the media department of a San Francisco Ad Agency once recounted how media departments everywhere are dominated by young callow women who revel in their power. The TV and radio salesmen (and they're mainly men) grovel and live in terror of these women's disfavor. When a new ad campaign is to be launched, the big question is which stations will 'be on the media buy'? Thus, these ladies are known as 'Media Queens'.

Once upon a day, a 'samidzat' comic made the rounds lampooning the whole situation under the title of "Media Sluts". Susan and I thought about reviving it...then thought the better of it...but we did this as a Sweat Shirt for the birthday of her boss.