Once upon a day I had a client...whose name now escapes me.

It was a while ago.

This client installed high-end stereos in very high-end cars. He was a craftsman and worked for very picky people.

He needed a series of illustrations on which he could build newspaper ads. We discussed the situation and the goals that he was trying to attain...the image he wanted to project.

My solution was to depict a series of ficticitious cars* with music systems that matched their personality.
Much like life itself.

Upon seeing the initial round of sketches, he was silent, pulled a long face, and finally announced that 'no, he couldn't go with these'. It seems that he simply hated illustrated music. "I don't like notes." was the way he put it.

And that was that.

*The original drawings were B/W. These have been massaged in Photoshop.

Click on a car to bring up an enlarged image.