The Dinos.0.2



One of the more spectacular hadrosaurs.

Parasaurolophus has thrown a good deal of light on the ways of dinosaurs.

Q. One of the first questions was: why don't we find any bones from infant dinosaurs?

A. Because Dinosaurs being related to birds and many, if not most, laid eggs...the young matured very quickly. Like birds, they achieved their full growth in a very short period of time. Thus, between spring and autumn, they could grow to full size and still need the elders of the herd to protect and educate them.

Also, Hadrosaurs were not randomly dispersed...they traveled in large herds, like buffalo. Unlike buffalo, they did not give birth anywhere, they migrated to seasonal nesting grounds. So it wasn't until Jack Horner looked in the right place that the nesting grounds were discovered.

Today, this information is a commonplace. It was fresh when I was building these creatures.

This scuplture originally had six babies with upturned faces begging regurgitation from Mom. These, regetably, have been either given away (in four cases.) or eaten. (in two.)