The Dinos.0.1


One of the first pieces ever done that convinced me that I could sculpt. You must understand, and may, if you've visited some of the other 'drawing' parts of this site, that when I went to school (college) we were in the mid-50's. This was the high water make of the abstract painters. Drawing was not highly thought of. 'Experimentation' was the word. 'Create new genre!' 'Cruise new space' Advance the Frontiers!'

HOY! What a full bunch of useless artisto-pukes spewed forth from the colleges. We were trained for abstraction and big-time theoretical thinking. But we couldn't draw a circle, let alone an aesthetic conclusion.

I struggled with this inabilty to draw for years.

(Check out the comics section for a more fullsome version of this tirade.)

As you'll find in the Comix Section, I was sufficiently overwhelmed by the Underground Comix that I determined that I must learn to draw. And it was drawing comics, and rotating objects on the page and in my mind, that made me realize that I could make things happen in three dimensions.