Character Design


The Lady herself.

Once upon a day I came within an ace of getting a job that I wanted very much, but the project was canceled before I could get on board. I developed these pages as a way to stay in touch

In the following pages, the text of the panels is shown below in blue.

She is a character only vaguely defined. What she is, never gets stated. Her people, far, far to the north, are seldom referred to. She styles herself as a musician (and plays well) but when in need of cash (or feeling restless) she contracts out as a courior (gems and confidences). While under contract, she is scrupulously honest. When not...?

She has courage, insight, ('tho not philosophical) wit, is cheerful and a shrewd bargainer. Not a warrior...but only a damned fool would corner her. With the arrogance of youth,

  she has no fear of Fortune's Hammer. Tommorrrow is a year away.

As the story opens, Kidon (behind her) is recalling the first of three trips with her. Enroute to the city of Boorpa, to the merchant Hano Paw, they are crossing the Plain of Singing Graves.

But for the last week, ever since coming down from the Fern Pyre Pass, onto the flatlands, Conijca has been worrying...and now she is sure: something very ugly is following them..