Days of Ceramics.0.2


In this, the second series, it is time to mention my second mentor, Caroline Rodgers. After working with Martin, I got to a point where I knew things weren't going where I wanted them to be. This was the watershed. Martin's studio was centered on electric kilns. (oxidation firing) But the colors that I admired most were from gas-fired kilns. (reduction firing). After a year or two of working in San Jose, I discovered the Community College at Fort Mason in San Francisco and enrolled in the classes there.

At the time, Caroline was the Senior Teaching Assistant. She was in addition, a very dedicated lady and did 99% of the firing ever since the school had invested in a 35 cu.ft. gas kiln. (that was in '88, and since then she's gone pro and, as I understand it, is still up to her arms in clay daily.)

When I got to the Fort Mason classes, I knew two things in short order: I wanted to get into the intricies of glaze mixing. and I wanted to learn how to fire that monster in the back room.